No matter the size or type of business, the firm provides a wide range of accounting services.  These services include:

Consulting can be a one-time project to look at profitability or analyzing adding or removing a product line or service.  Consulting services may include analyzing the financial records periodically for profitability, accuracy and keeping abreast of changes within the industry to maintain viability.

For many businesses understanding and having an accurate cost of goods sold or cost of sales is vital to running a profitable business.  The firm can help a business determine if the costs of goods sold or cost of sales is accurately reported and what that means to a business along with reviewing their overhead costs.

Bookkeeping services include recording transactions in the accounting system to maintain records that are current and accurate or providing assistance to your internal accounting staff to maintain current and accurate records by reconciling accounts monthly.  Maintaining current and accurate financial records are imperative to a business and allows the business to make timely business decisions.  Having the accounting system set up properly is vital to all business especially when a business is just starting.  The firm offers assistance to new or existing businesses who are looking to set up a new accounting system.  The firm assists businesses or nonprofits that are trying to establish a budget or determine profitability or breakeven points.

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